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Friday, December 14, 2007


Well, it happens to the best of us I suppose! I used to make our cryptograms by hand and give them to Breanne to check for me. Breanne got a much needed break from work to have a go at a puzzle and I was assured that my handiwork was accurate. Well, since our Breanne has gone on to other pastures I have been left to use a cryptogram generator to make the puzzles. It's very accurate. Well almost accurate! The darn things don't take apostrophes so if I have an apostrophe in a quote I have to remove it before I use the generator. I guess you can see where I'm going with this! In the fourth to last word in this weeks puzzle the letter A is an apostrophe! Sorry folks!

Special thanks to Thelma L. Clausen of Bristol for kindly calling me and letting me know. And yes, she actually had the mental power to figure it out! Seems Thelma used to be in the word business herself and has an eagle eye and a sharp mind for these things. Thanks Thelma!! I do have the best readers at Out & About!



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